Beorn: the Jankening

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Not Your Father's Boromir Jank 9 4 0 1.0
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Some Sort 3162

aka "That One Beorn Secrecy Deck"

This is based on my Bizzaro Aggro Boromir deck. The idea behind that is to engage everything with The Hammer-stroke, use Desperate Alliance to send away Galadriel, then blow up Boromir using his second ability.

With no heroes left under your control to assign damage, enemy attacks can be left undefended and the damage simply vanishes. At the end of the phase, Galadriel returns with a pile of resources to play Fortune or Fate and repeat the cycle.

But it occurs to me that while the fact that Boromir can commit suicide on demand is interesting, it's not necessarily necessary. I mean, what's the difference whether you blow up Boromir and then take 6 undefended attacks for no damage, or take two undefended attacks that kill Boromir and then take the remaining four for no damage?

Sure, Boromir's ability to deal 2 damage to everything when he goes down in a blaze of glory is amazing. And you get major hipster cred for actually using it. Or whatever the middle-earth equivalent of a "hipster" is. (I think it's Maiar.)

But I figure the idea of a "Beorn Jank" deck is kind of hipster, too. Beorn doesn't explode when he dies, but he certainly does smooth out the early portion of the game while you're digging for pieces, still. And he has cross-table utility when you find yourself short a The Hammer-stroke.

So sure, why not. Secret Zombie Bear Jank.