Ready Up!

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lotrLASER 3

lotrLASER has a newer deck inspired by this one: Ready Up!

"Ready Up!" has two primary strategies:

  • Ready as many heroes as possible
  • Distribute to as many heroes as possible

Eleanor will be utilized to prevent grievous treachery cards but, if she goes unused, she can be tapped to place progress on freshly traveled locations through Strength of Will or ready a partner's attacking or defending heroes through Common Cause. Unexpected Courage and Westfold Horse-Breaker should also provide heroes with the ability to ready more than once per turn.

In addition to shadow and treachery cancellation, threat reduction, location progression, and discard pile access, this deck also contains three copies of Song of Kings which should help this -focused hero line-up purchase the more expensive allies like Faramir and Longbeard Orc Slayer.

This deck is built to complement a partner who specializes in combat.