Tiny, but wise 2.0

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Zura 249

Zura has a newer deck inspired by this one: Tiny, but wise 3.0

The deck plays pretty similarly to the 1.0 version (see derived from), but this one is better suited for singleplayer, due to addiction of some powerful allies, that i strayed away from in multiplayer variant (Arwen Undómiel, Treebeard, Firyal). I also got rid of the side-quest subtheme and just sticked to the two side quests i found to be the best. Asfaloth is present and i have no idea how could i have ommited him in the original deck.

In testing, i found 23 events to be enough. It's almost a half of your deck, you have some repeatable ones to fuel council (like Rumour from the Earth or Swift and Silent) but you have enough allies and attachments to keep building your board while accelerating with events. You should look to stay in secrecy in early game, but don't feel compelled to later - Power of Command and Sméagol will likely get you out of secrecy range sooner or later.

Mulliganning in this deck requires some instinct and knowledge of the quest. You need to take a swiss-knife approach. This deck can give you very different results depending on what choices will you make in the game. You can really get into secrecy and hide from enemies, focusing on repeating the events, or get your resource acceleration, raise your threat from different sources and go to town, brute-forcing the scenario. It has some learning curve as you will need to know when can you go in which direction. Also, choosing Council of the Wise benefits will be pretty important - although i would say that with some cards in hand, you should generally opt for resources, as it's your best way to smoothe them between spheres. When you can, use Frodo, he will keep your threat a lot more managable.

Have fun! If you want to play multiplayer, you can swap the allies used elsewhere and steward for some other allies, the deck won't break, it will just lose a bit of power.