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ywingscum 65

So I couldn't get past stage 1 of Ash Mountain with my normal decks. So I thought it would be nice if I didn't have to deal with the enemies.

Firyal and Interrogation manipulate the encounter deck so you can choose and know what your going to reveal, then you can easily quest for 7 round one.

I like to take out a side quest early, this turns on Hafling bounder cancelation for good measure, it actually saved my one game on the final reveal. Also turns on Thalion's free ready which can also come in handy.

The great Hunt gets rid of the bid baddie and watcher's, Scroll of Isildur helps to make sure you can get it.

Traps! Ranger spikes holds enemies in the staging area, Nets makes the enemies you want to engage more manageable and Snares holds a nice threat enemy for the game, making Emyn Arnen a nice quester.

Damrod reduces the cost and Anborn fetches them from discard. Hammersmith can too but he is better served getting you the Scroll.

Aragorn, Burning Brand, and daughter of Nimrodel allow you to defend if needed. Plus you can chump with a dwarf too. Gaffer Gamgee can also help set up enemies to be snared.

Faramir questing helps, he can direct damage an enemy in staging and forest Patrols can finish it off.

Miners are free if discarded and can add up questing or chump blocking and caches can help pay for your toys. In a pinch towards the end game you can even use the Cache's ability if your digging for a needed card, say Great Hunt or a questor.

Oops i see I forgot to swap in the Hafling for Henamarth, I'll do that after I post