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ywingscum 59

This has been my strongest deck for some time now. If my current 'thematic' deck can't beat a quest, I'll team it up with this and play 2H or I'll just beat with this deck. Until Ash Mountain that is, this deck has no hope against that quest.

It's got cost reduction King of Dale, card draw, strong questing, strong defenders, and strong attacking, and plenty of readying.

Hard muligan for King of Dale, use fisherman to to fish for it if you didn't get it. King of Dale I usually put on Brand with an Unexpected courage, Dain Inronfoot gets an Unexpected courage too, defend twice, or defend and attack with a warrior sword. Bard gets whatever, but usually 1 attachment, and the third Unexpected courage.

Wiglaf readies for each item on him, what a power house he is. Knight of Dale readies for free at 40 threat (and threat usually gets up there), North Realm gets a map. These guys quest for 3 just like the heroes, Will power generally gets up to the 20's.

Redwater sentry can be a defending machine, and can be readied with To Arms, Warrior of Dale with a sword can get up to 6 attack.

Traffic from Dale can make for some blow out turns. Will of the west is a side board if your using Dain too much, another side board is Galadhrims Greeting if threat is an issue.

Because of 3 of's this deck is very consistent. I do plan to add the Lore healing Dale character when she comes out.


Jun 30, 2020 Denison 536

You made me reread Wiglaf. My Dale deck shied away from him due to the cost, but I honestly didn't realize he could ready once each phase with multiple attachments on him. The Dale version of Forlong is now a 1x for me.

Jun 30, 2020 ywingscum 59

It escaped me for a long time too. Once I realized I could quest, ready, defend, ready and attack he became much more a priority.

Jun 30, 2020 tamhas 31

Nice deck, I was just thinking about trying Dáin Ironfoot with Dale recently. What's your opinion on Wild Stallion? It's fantastic with Guardian of Esgaroth but it doesn't trigger the card draw from Brand son of Bain, I have it in all my Dale decks but I think I might give this deck a go and see how it feels.

Jun 30, 2020 ywingscum 59

Oh, I needed wild stallion in a different deck. So never really tried here. I’m sure it would work well.