Defender of Rammas goes to War

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DnT 93

DnT has updated this deck: Defender of Rammas goes to War

Fun, semi-thematic solo deck. I've tried all the versions of Aragorn with Glorfindel and Arwen, each requiring very different builds. I prefer the tactics version. This isn't a huge willpower machine, but it provides a nice balance. Mulligan for Elven-light. It's more important than Light of Valinor. Defender of Rammas with Raiment of War makes for a highly effective defender without requiring a hero to do that job. He's something of the star of this deck. You can have him set up on turn two quite easily.


Jun 21, 2016 DnT 93

As I test this on the saga quests, I can pull off victory, but not consistently. Slow card draw is a huge problem. I'm dropping Glorfindel for Erestor. That will do the trick.