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Moria conquered, now we take Fornost
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Fredmans 67

[Card pool up to The Dread Realm minus the Against the Shadow cycle]. A hybrid Hobbit deck I have been tinkering with for the last couple of weeks. I wanted a deck to use with Elf-friend, and after some playing I stuck with Merry and Pippin with Glorfindel to keep threat nice and low for the Daggers and Pippin's card draw. The deck is played alongside my Lost Elves of Hollin deck in two-handed solo. It ran through Moria and is currently struggling through The Lost Realms.

The idea is to set Merry and Glorfindel up with weapons and Light of Valinor/Fast Hitch to quest powerfully and hit hard, readying Glorfindel again to strike another foe. With Rivendell Bows, they can also help the other hand out. I use Watchers of the Bruinen to feed my discard needs. It worked very well in Moria, but the enemies of The Lost Realm are more powerful, so I have tweaked the deck a bit. Arwen is key at the moment, and Elven Mail is quite useful, too, so maybe I will keep strengthening my defense a little more. I am also looking at Quick strike.