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Elven Break-in into Moria
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Fredmans 67

Fredmans has a newer deck inspired by this one: Elf-friends

The last couple of weeks, I have tried to make place for the Elf-friend card, mostly in Aragorn-centered decks, but this deck has more fun with it, as it plays well without me finding Elf-friend, but more fun if I do. I am still constantly tweaking the deck as I try different quests to see where I end up. The deck has quite a lot of card draw if I manage to get Elven-light into the discard pile, and is quite easy to set up for Peace, and Thought as well. Allies are few, but strong, and the plan is to use Elf-stones to get them in play.

I run solo two-handed, and run this with a Galadriel Silvan deck, so Silvan Tracker works well with Elf-friend.