Dreadless Dunedain

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Braving the Dread Realms
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Fredmans 74

Card pool up to and including Angmar Awakened.

First take on Dread Realms, playing two-handed solo along a Galadriel Silvan/Ent deck.

Eventually opted for 60-card decks for fear of running out at the end. A lot of consideration taken into scenario-specific details.

The deck has to cope with numerous low-strength attacks in addition to occasional high-power attacks. O Lorien! is included to help the Silvan deck. So is Horn of Gondor, which goes on Galadriel for support spirit cards. Bow of the Galadhrim goes on Haldir in the other deck to help "ping" Daechanar. With Aragorn's ability, 5-strength is good enough. Mighty prowess is also there for "pings". Elf-friend can be attached near the end for healing by means of Silvan Tracker(s). Gandalf is sole threat reduction, unless I get to slam down a Favor of the Valar. Straight shot is for various 0 Armour foes.