Mending Carn Dûm

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Braving the Dread Realms
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Fredmans 74

Card pool up to and including Angmar Awakened.

First take on Dread Realms, playing two-handed solo along a Dunedain deck.

Eventually opted for 60-card decks for fear of running out at the end, which causes a lot of trouble. A lot of consideration taken into scenario-specific details.

Ideally, the deck only has to cope with two, sometimes three low-strength attacks. The Dunedain deck protects it by Sentinel plus Aragorn's ability to pull enemies to him. Nenya is very important in this high-will power scenario and so is some control of the encounter deck. I emphasise "some" due to the sheer amount of cards and effects. Other key cards is a Wandering Ent in the beginning, then various healing options: Wellinghall Preserver for the ents across both hands, Silvan Trackers to heal the occasional damage on Haldir and Rossiel until she has Cloak of Lorien and an Undead enemy in the victory display. Galadriel's ability is mostly used to aid the Dunedain deck with its threat and also to use its mountain of resources (Amarthiul + Steward of Gondor). I even opted out on the Mirror in this scenario, due to all the various effects of a card being in the discard pile AND the fact that you want to sit tight on your cancel effects for when it REALLY matters. Having them discarded would be disastrous, and the deck cannot consistently afford Silver Harp.