Victorious Smoking Miners - Flight to the Ford

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Flight to the Ford - 2 Players - 2020-11-22
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Love of the Halfling's Leaf 30 16 2 1.0
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kattattack22 345

Based heavily on Love the Halfling's Leaf, but kept my hero line up from The Cow Miners Deck to avoid threat penalty.

Out of the Wild and Scout Ahead are for putting burdens in the victory display so they're not added to the campaign log. Shadow the Past also included to set up burdens back on the encounter deck before Out of the Wild and Scout Ahead.

Elrond is meant to remove the one burden that is a condition attachment.

Wizard Pipe or Bilbo are high priority for opening hand in order to setup optimal mining.


A Shadow of the Past

  • The Ring Draws Them
  • Mr. Underhill

A Knife in the Dark

  • Noble Hero on Gandalf
  • Valiant Warrior on Eomer