...And Justice For All

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TheMisFitMan 94

This deck is constructed to give another player a better start by drawing him cards, providing him with a useful ally, getting rid of terrible encounter cards etc.

Justice Shall Be Done should be played as soon as possible, so that in further turns you don’t have to reveal an additional encounter card.

Be careful with playing high risk doomed cards. If the other player/s has/have a solution for raising their threat too fast, then you might play doomed cards with more ease. Remember that Saruman readies each time you do so, hence you can use him for Word of Command and still send him to quest or use him for combat (for it is a suicidal deck, you can take an enemy‘s attack undefended on Erestor or Bilbo and then kill it with Saruman and the other remaining hero).

Feel free to experiment with cards from the sideboard depending on the scenario you play (e.g. if you don’t have an active location for setup, then you won’t need cards like Woodmen's Path). Many cards in this deck can help negate the initial threat in the staging area.

Important note: Make sure that this deck gets the first player token. If not, the other player/s won’t benefit from the ally with Defender of the West attached, when the first player token will be handed to the next player in the refresh phase.


Jan 11, 2021 GreenWizard 7

Nice deck. Is there a reason that there's not a lot of doomed cards? Maybe, to keep threat low. Whatever the reason, I would add a couple more. But otherwise cool idea.

Jan 12, 2021 TheMisFitMan 94

Hey @GreenWizard Thanks! You're right, it's a multiplayer deck and therefore should be careful with pushing their threats to the max.