Sam Gets Hammered... and Fights

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Uruk-guy 88

Sam's been spending too much time at the Green Dragon again... and this time he's gone too far.

What started as a purely comical deck actually turned out okay. The goal here is to buff Sam up with as much attack and readying as possible. Then, you engage everything with The Hammer-Stroke. It's actually quite epic as the more enemies engaged the more Sam has some fight in him (because his stat-boosting stacks for the round).

Setup & Game Plan

I usually take Strider with the contract setup just to stay ahead of questing. Things will go a lot more smooth with a Song of Battle earlier on in the game. However, if that is already in my hand I'll get a Fast Hitch or Dagger of Westernesse instead. Each time I've played this I've had all three Fast Hitch's and two Daggers on him. The Rohan Warhorse is a bonus if Golden Belt is added (and if Sam has a Song of Battle). Then, once Sam has had enough Drinking Songs its time to Hammer-stroke!


The Spare Pipe's are to search for Hammer-Stroke and to add to Sam's HP. Steward of Gondor and Song of Hope are great questing. This is increased when you add the Resourceful's. You can pay for anything and more in a round after a while.


This deck relies heavily on other defenders. Sam could block the engaged enemies, but he also needs to be able to attack back. For defending we get our Defender of Rammas ans Warden of Helms Deep. Drawing into allies was the biggest drawback, pun intended. Treebeard helps significantly questing and blocking in the same round. Master of the Forge helps thin the deck and get all the attachments you need. The Warden of Healing helps me lay off the contract for healing and keep threat low. It also helas the defenders.

Its a fun deck! Again, it's primarily a comical deck. It was a very fun play against The Seventh Level though the book attachment you get slows you down. The second stage of Anduin was fun as well.

I've considered adding Snowbourne Scout for cheap chumping and location control. Arod for the same reason. Golden Belt would help Sam arm himself better. Halfling Determination helps buff Sam as well. I just cant figure out how to sneak them in. Cutting cards is not my strength. Any ideas?


Jan 14, 2021 nelloianiro 216

Add another Bill!

Jan 14, 2021 kjeld 36

Fun deck! Did you consider adding Timely Aid or perma-Gandalf? Another solid in-sphere defender would be Soldier of Erebor, though expensive, and there's always Derndingle Warrior.

Jan 14, 2021 Uruk-guy 88

@nelloianiro and @kjeld yes! All are fantastic suggestions. Thank you. I'm going to play around with those for sure

Jan 14, 2021 GreenWizard 7

Maybe add a couple more ents, because you'll have resources between Sam and Treebeard. But on the contrary, you might not want so many ents so you can use Treebeards resources for readying himself.

Jan 15, 2021 Uruk-guy 88

@GreenWizard thanks. More Ends may be a good idea. There is that one which heals an Ent character everytime it readies (can't remember the name) which would be very strong for Treebeard's defending!