Timely Aid

Event. Cost: 4.

Secrecy 3.

Action: Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and put 1 revealed ally into play, if able. Shuffle all other revealed cards back into your deck.

Sandara Tang

The Redhorn Gate #3. Leadership.

Timely Aid

Timely Aid is one of the best secrecy cards in the game, and my favorite. Outside of secrecy it could be very marginally useful, but who am I kidding, this is a secrecy card. The ability to bring in a huge ally turn one, with two heroes more likely than not; is really what a secrecy deck needs to be successful. Pair with Vilya for shenanigans.

Big horse or small elf. — magusdunord 11

Great card for a secrecy deck but can also be used outside of secrecy to get off-sphere allies into play, sometimes at a discount on their printed cost (e.g. Beorn, Gandalf, Firyal, Jubayr or Gildor Inglorion - the latter of which can help you set up your next timely aid!). As it is in the sphere it shouldn't be too hard to get the required resources either and for this reason it should be at the top of your list when building a deck with access to , particularly as there are only a few draw options in-sphere.

It's also a great card to use in combination with Elrond+Vilya+Imladris Stargazer, so you can play it for free and know that you are going to hit with it every time. It can whiff though, so make sure you have plenty of allies in your deck and some form of deck scrying is very useful. Thankfully, Galadriel is available in sphere to help set you up nicely.

Aurion 861