Hobbit Dwarves #1 (5+ dwarves)

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kobeljic 167

Questing might be a problem, most of the characters have low willpower. Switching spirit Dain to Leadership Dain in the other deck can fix that.

Card draw: Legacy of Durin, King Under the Mountain, Ori

Resource acceleration: Thorin Oakenshield, Dwarven Shield

Readying: Cram

Treachery cancellation: Nothing!

Healing: Nothing!

Questing: Ori and allies as needed

Damage dealing: Thorin Oakenshield, possibly armed with some stuff provided by the second deck

Defense: Bombur with A Burning Brand


Feb 08, 2021 Truck 381

I like the exclamation point on "Nothing"

Feb 09, 2021 Samuel San 10

I'd switch the Longbeard Map-Maker for anything else. My inclination would be a 2nd copy of the uniques or maybe events/attachments