The Three Rings

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Nickpes 32

Nickpes has a newer deck inspired by this one: The Three Rings

Have never tried it, just trying to make a deck with the three Elves holding the three Rings.

I believe it is very important to have Nenya on Galadriel early on and Protector of Lórien on Elrond. You could use Elven-light as a discarding card for Protector of Lorien. Light of Valinor goes either on Elrond or Cirdan, depending on which one got a ring early.

When ally Glorfindel comes, Mithlond Sea-watcher will be removed for Glorfindel which will make the deck stronger. Combining Cirdan with Nenya, Gildor Inglorion and Glorfindel could be deadly

I believe that once build up it will be very solid.


Mar 24, 2016 kal91a 1

I like decks with themes, so I love this. A darn shame I don't have all the sets to try this.

Mar 26, 2016 Nickpes 32

I reposted a new version cause I forgot To the Sea, to the Sea! attachment which is very usefull in Noldor decks