Two-Player LOTR Saga Power Deck

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Thematic "Shadow of the Past" - Support 3 1 0 1.0
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Seosaidh 365

This deck is designed to be paired with another deck that can provide good questing power (and includes hobbit heroes for Hobbit Pipe), although with some minor tweaks, it could probably do fine on its own. This deck focuses on getting Aragorn and Gandalf to overpowered levels. There are no schenanigans with the top card of the deck, even though Gandalf can allow it (mainly because when I made this deck, I didn't really have access to the cards such as Zigil Miner or Vilya that allow this). It was originally designed to be a thematic deck to be paired with a hobbit deck for the first part of the LOTR saga expansions.

The deck could be slightly modified to take Galadriel instead of Fatty Bolger. In some ways, this could be even more thematic than having Fatty go on the quest, but I kind of wanted to use another hobbit, so I did! Also, Fatty can immediately help out with the quest by negating an enemies threat, while Galadriel would need to get Nenya before she could help out (not really a big deal though).