Songs, Steeds, and Great Deeds

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Pirate Brahm 607

I built this deck for the sole purpose of putting Erkenbrand on top of an Armored Destrier, boosted by Elfhelm's ability.

Song of Battle brings Tactics into the deck with the benefit of boosting a mounted hero's attack.

Mulligan for Steward of Gondor, put it on Théoden, and have the king set up and singing on turn 1.

As always, Sneak Attack Gandalf for card draw, or use it to set off enters/leaves play abilities from allies like √Čomund, West Road Traveller, Westfold Horse-breeder, etc.


Jul 27, 2016 Pirate Brahm 607

A future revision of this deck will include Rohan Warhorses for extra attack action.