Against Durin's bane 2

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Malfaire 27

So : I'm 0 threat... let's abuse it and hope for luck. I had the perfect combination on my second shot, finishing with 14 and 18 threat and only 1 dead hero. What a quest !


May 26, 2021 DoctorWhomst 21

So, Aragorn doesn't reset your threat to zero in Shadow and Flame. For this deck, it would set to 31, as that is your "starting" threat. I assume that is what you meant by abusing your zero threat.

May 26, 2021 Malfaire 27

Thanky Dr ! Yes, that I know : he is in the deck because of a "campaign" rule I try to play with. The six heroes of the quest are those who have been victorious on the 5 previous adventures of the cycle. I was "abusing" the 0 threat with secrecy and doomed. That was the meaning of my sentence.

May 26, 2021 DoctorWhomst 21

Gotcha. I thought that might be it, just wanted to be sure. Looks like a pretty cool deck.