Strider's Path

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dwjmeijer 59

Palantir is a proxy for Strider
Hardy Leadership is a proxy for Roheryn

Aragorn solo deck that is wonky and might not work.

Key cards:

  • Steward of Gondor/Resourceful
  • Roheryn
  • Gondorian Fire
  • Strider

Since your threat will be reasonably low throughout the game, you can engage who you please, and immediately destroy them by not letting them attack (Roheryn) and boosting Aragorns attack to ridiculous numbers (Gondorian Fire).

The other cards are mostly readying effects, adding willpower, and safety precautions.


Aug 02, 2016 dwjmeijer 59

Heir of Mardil should probably replace Unexpected Courage...

Aug 02, 2016 dwjmeijer 59

I just realized that Tireless Hunters does not work with Roheryn, since that doesn't count as "optional engagement".