Eleanora Blots Out the Sun without Magic

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Bait, Snipe and Smoke
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Lisas 7

This deck is part of a 3-man fellowship, where this deck focuses on as much ranged support units to bring into play, either innate or via attachments. The units are buffed via their common outlands trait and can be played easier through Hirluin's ability. Resource smoothing further happens with Steward of Gondor on Hirluin for all outlands allies and Magic Ring usually on Eleanor. Further boosted by Legacy of Numenor. Doomed effects and other threat gains are mitigated by the 3rd deck in the fellowship.

The setup is based on another deck in the fellowship attracting all enemies as much as possible, allowing for this deck to pepper them with arrows from range and blanket damage with Rain of Arrows.

The other main pillar is buffing up Haldir with Golden Belt, Bows of Galadhrim and Mirkwood Long-knife, while not exhausting to quest with Light of Valinor. Haldir can destroy enemies stuck in the staging area or in front of the other members of the fellowship before they have to defend and often destroy even sturdier enemies.

With Distant Stars and Henamarth it is possible to use Palantir more reliably.