King of the Mark

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IronTalus101 19

My take on the (MotK) Gamling Rohan deck, with Song of Battle to splash in Golden Shield, Need Brooks No Delay, and Westfold Lancer.


Oct 28, 2021 ff0x 468

Nice, Golden Shield helps a lot to shore up defenses and Need Brooks No Delay allows for some more digging. Do you find the Song of Battle fast enough?

Oct 28, 2021 xobeabacat 16

Ive run your version more to be honest, i think there is something there with the song of battle but i dont think i got it quite right. I mostly wanted to try including some good cards that i was using in a list with [Thengel] (/card/300003) Loth√≠riel and √Čomer.

Oct 29, 2021 Uruk-guy 505

You could run a copy or two of Thorongil to help boost the likelihood of getting access. It would also make better use out of Herugrim and Golden Shield since Theoden boosts his own .