The Three Hunters

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ElPirre 49


May 14, 2022 Taurelin 308

I like the thematic approach of the "original" Three Hunters, but I doubt that this deck will function.

  • The biggest problem is resource management. Both Aragorn and Gimli want to spend their resources for their abilities. This means you will never be abe to pay for all those massively expensive allies and equipment.
  • Your only extra-resources com from Resourceful, but with such a high threat you will have to wait for several turns for it to pay off.
  • This will be problematic, because your high starting threat won't allow you to build up slowly, as enemies will engage you immediately.
  • Also, if you want to use Legolas' ability, you will run out of cards to play, because you don't have any additional card-draw in the deck.
  • Some smaller problems: Gandalf without Sneak Attack is a waste. Erebor Guard without any mining cards (Hidden Cache, Ered Luin Miner) is a waste.