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Passage Through Mirkwood - 1 Player - 2022-06-19
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BlackArrow 41

This OP deck can beat any quest you play, even nightmare. Mulligan for the trait attachments--they will fuel your deck AND get card draw!!! so good! Hero lineup is absolutely OP and puts any other deck to shame. These guys may be rusty and disused, but they still got the moves!

Suggestions appreciated!


Jun 21, 2022 NERD 104

Some of the cards you included are actually good: Coney in a Trap, Proud Hunters, Gather Information, Brok Ironfist.

Jun 22, 2022 BlackArrow 41

I am aware of that (although Brok Ironfist really isn't that good unless you sacrifice a dwarf hero). The point was not to include terrible cards, but to make it hard on the deck (you have to get the corresponding trait cards allow you to use the trait events. And Gather Information is a bad card for this deck b/c they can't quest to save their lives lol

Jun 22, 2022 BlackArrow 41

although I didn't realize that Théodred has both the noble and warrior traits so I should probably go for a different hero.