F-Ents-y little army II

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Race Across Harad - 2 Players - 2022-09-01
The Withered Heath - 2 Players - 2022-09-03
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F-Ents-y little army
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TheMisFitMan 269

This deck is part of a fellowship called "F-Ents-y little army".

Attach a copy of Steed of the North and Dagger of Westernesse to Faramir. Spend his resource to add it to Bifur´s resource pool every round in which you don´t need it for Leadership cards. Faramir can receive resources from Denethor from the partner-deck, too. . Attach a copy of Steed of the North, Gondorian Shield and maybe an Ent Draught to Mablung.

If you engage an enemy, ready Faramir and Mablung if they went questing and if they are equipped with a Steed of the North, ready an ally (for example an exhausted Ent that you played this round) and add one resource to Mablung.