Brothers in Arms Inspired - Elladan

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Ivolol 13

Ivolol has a newer deck inspired by this one: Brothers in Arms Inspired - Elladan

Inspired by this video: Need to be used with: Brothers in Arms Inspired - Elrohir:


Sep 19, 2022 doomguard 1323

add Rohan Warhorse for legolas, then they both can shoot twice together

Host of Galadhrim seems a winmore card for me, as soon as you have some ranged out, you do not need it anymore. to make it woth something you should have at least allies worth of 4 res out, make it the earliest play after 8 res more likely 10-12 (equip heroes might be more important than allies) and what get you out of it? some free damage. thats expensive damage, and at that time in the game it meight not be needed to win because the heroes and allies can kill without it.

Sep 20, 2022 Ivolol 13

@doomguard Thank you for the tips, i will try it for sure!