Test of Spirit and Tactics (Core + EoL)

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prestovenger 14

prestovenger has a newer deck inspired by this one: Test of Spirit and Tactics (Core + EoL)

Hello Questors, I'm a new player to the LoTR LCG. I'm excited to play and experiment with this new game. As of this writing (11/23/22), I have the Revised Core set and the Elves of Lorien. I have the Fellowship of the Rings Saga expansion arriving today. I really want to play and use Gandalf in a deck. I was somewhat inspired by the Core sets mixed deck suggestions (Leadership & Spirit and the Lore & Tactics). I'm already seeing how Spirit is designed for questing but not for combat. I've seen how the dwarves in Tatics are great for combat and defense, but are not good for questing. So...why not blend the two! Hence my first try at "let's throw this together" and see what would happen deck!

Suggestions and tips welcome. :-)

1.2 version OK...pulled back on some of the Unique allies and added some general ones. Dropped Elrond's Counsel and added in Favor of the Lady for more questing power. Would anyone recommend a Spirit/Tactics deck as a template I could tweak with Gandalf? --thanks


Nov 25, 2022 NERD 721

This deck uses fan cards and will be weaker with Gandalf. However, it is quite a good / template. The goal is to get value by discarding Rohan allies.

Nov 25, 2022 NERD 721

I forgot the deck link ;) ringsdb.com

Nov 27, 2022 prestovenger 14

Great, thanks!