Test of Spirit and Tactics (Core + EoL)

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prestovenger 1

prestovenger has a newer deck inspired by this one: Test of Spirit and Tactics (Core + EoL)

Hello Questors, I'm a new player to the LoTR LCG. I'm excited to play and experiment with this new game. As of this writing (11/23/22), I have the Revised Core set and the Elves of Lorien. I have the Fellowship of the Rings Saga expansion arriving today. I really want to play and use Gandalf in a deck. I was somewhat inspired by the Core sets mixed deck suggestions (Leadership & Spirit and the Lore & Tactics). I'm already seeing how Spirit is designed for questing but not for combat. I've seen how the dwarves in Tactics are great for combat and defense, but are not good for questing. So...why not blend the two! Hence my first try at "let's throw this together" and see what would happen deck!

Suggestions and tips welcome. :-)


Nov 23, 2022 Ring Maker 91

Hello there and welcome! Just a few observations. First, you will not be able to play Elrond's Counsel because you lack a unique Noldor character. Second, your're really lacking questing power. I would drop the multiple copies of the unique characters and add some cheap questing allies. Hope that helps. Good luck in you adventures and welcome to the community!

Nov 23, 2022 prestovenger 1

OMG...you're right about Elrond's Counsel. I've been playing my elves deck with Galadriel and didn't see the connection. Hmm, you're right about the Unique allies. Thanks for the tips. :-)

Nov 24, 2022 NERD 522

Gamling is only worth playing in a Rohan deck that attempt to repeatedly discard allies for profit. Outmatched and Gondorian Shield are great cards with Beregond. I think that you have a good amount of questing, but you could always have more. Cutting Dagger of Westernesse would make sense, as none of your heroes are consistently attacking. Ideally, if a card is unique, you should only have one copy. If it's a good card, two is fine. However, the card has to be critical to the deck to be worth three copies. Otherwise, unique duplicates are dead cards.

Nov 24, 2022 prestovenger 1

Excellent tips! Thanks. I'm a Magic the Gathering player and I'm trying to get a sense of how to deck build via my experience with that game. I know I have limited cards to pool from right now, but it's a start. I appreciate the support everyone! :-)

Nov 25, 2022 prestovenger 1

BTW, I just got to the Dol Gulmir quest (third in the Core set). The reviews are right...it's darn near impossible to pass with the Spirit and Leadership deck. I had Aragon in prison with Mendor. I tried several times and quit in frustration. So, I looked in my Fellowship of the Rings Saga expansion. The Wisdom and Wizardry Decklist was almost identical to the Spirit and Leadership, except with Gandalf as a full character/hero. I decided to build it and try it (with all three) on the quest. Bingo! Not only was it not frustrating, but it was a lot fun! I did make a couple of tweaks to it. For example, I dropped the Fellowship of the Ring because I was not using Frodo Baggins for this quest. I put in Galadriel's Handmaiden and I dropped one Wizard Pipe for an extra Faramir. As I mentioned, it was a lot of fun instead of frustration.

Nov 25, 2022 NERD 522


Lord of the Rings card game was my first introduction to card games, but I have casually picked up MTG since then. If you want my perspective, LOTR values resources higher than manna, whereas cards are more valuable in MTG. MTG is also a lot more unfair in my opinion. Some cards hard counter others. I personally prefer LOTR because I can play it by myself and I can choose my difficulty. In addition, the card pool is small enough that I can memorize all of it. Which game do you prefer?

Nov 25, 2022 prestovenger 1

MTG, for me, was a way to expand my social gaming circles. It was a lot of fun and at times frustrating. I played Standard mostly. I went to GPs, met a lot of friends and had fun with it. Then the pandemic hit. Standard has not returned to any of the local game stores. So, I've been looking for another. The biggest frustration, as far as I've heard among my friends, for MTG is the mana. LOTR doesn't have that frustration. I like that. It reminds me, somewhat, of the Star Trek CCG, back in the '90s...the second edition, which used a resource management system to put cards on the field. I do like LOTR, it's just getting used to everything. Right now, I'm experimenting with tweaks to pre-set decks. I am interested in other Spirit/Tactics decks.