Revised Core - Leadership & Spirit Deck (with sideboard)

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00.111 Passage Through Mirkwood - P2 D1 - 20230330 01 - R07 W133
00.111 Passage Through Mirkwood - P2 D1 - 20230402 01 - R04 W129
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Revised Core - Leadership & Spirit Deck 69 49 0 1.0
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Leadership & Spirit from the Core Set 0 0 0 1.0
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The Revised Core's Learn to Play booklet includes two recommended dual-sphere decklists, a Leadership & Spirit deck and a Lore & Tactics deck.

"To help players start exploring the exciting possibilities of deckbuilding, this page includes two dual-sphere decklists for you to try. We recommend that you use the starter decks on page 5 for your first game. Once you have learned how to play, we encourage you to play a game with these dual-sphere decks.

These two decks have been built to complement each other and will work well for 1-2 players. For a single-player game, we recommend the Leadership & Spirit deck. This deck excels at putting allies into play and contributing lots of willpower to the quest. When playing a 2-player game, the Lore & Tactics deck should be used to provide additional card draw and handle most of the combat."

Note: Thanks to Elrond_Hubbard for documenting this decklist originally here. This reproduction adds a sideboard of the remaining Revised Core Set cards for reference.