Signal's from on a horse

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Dravoc 23

High threat worries me but Aragorn is making most if not all the questing power... with Celebrian's Stone and a mount he would quest for 5. the deck is meant to hold it's own questing and then do damage but it can block as well so should be a good all around. Gandalf would be used to reduce threat when possible. Hopefully between him and Secret Vigil I'll have enough threat reduction...


Nov 08, 2016 toxiczammy 149

I would probably take Sword that was Broken out because your deck does not have that many allies. I think it would make more sense. Also, since Celebrían's Stone gives Aragorn blue, would it make more sense to run a purple blue with more allies? If you did that you could keep Sword that was Broken. If you ran blue I would probably run Arwen Undómiel. If you wanted to stay red purple, I would probably try another hero besides Aragorn.