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Wolves 27

So this isn't the best dwarf deck around. Mainly because I don't have every expension pack available. Worse even, I don't even have all expensions in THIS deck, but I have tried to prepare a decent dwarf deck with the expensions that I do have and try to limit the amount of expensions still required to make this deck work.

Currently, I need only three more expensions:

  • Return to Mirkwood for Dain ironfoot, the corner stone of pretty much every strong dwarf deck;
  • Khazad Dum, which nets me Erebor Record Keeper, Dwarrowdelf Axe and Narvi's belt; and
  • The long Dark for that battle raging Erebor Battle Master and as an added benefit, Ring Mail, to toughen up Dain if he needs to defend.

And okay, I'll be honest, I've also added Azain Silverbeard from Flight of the Stormcaller which I don't have but I really like that expension for another deck so I'm gonna count Azain as if I had it...

Well, apart from the above, I have another issue: This deck will likely be played by a friend of mine in a fellowship along two other decks, one of which has dibs on Steward of Gondor which is therefore not included in this deck.

Basically, this leaves the deck with a huge problem regarding resource acceleration. Note: I do have Thorin Oakenshield but I don't have We Are Not Idle. Zigil Miner will be in Khazad Dum, which i will have if you may trust the above list, but I'm not really playing spirit reliably enough to have him on the table when I want it.

So that's all the useless complainting about the deck, let's have a look at what I hope this deck will do good.

A starting threat of 28 may give us two rounds before the big enemies will turn their heads in our direction. Two rounds is usually enough to get those 5 dwarves down which any dwarf deck usually needs to get going.

Dain is a passbale defender, but in order to provide his attack bonus, he needs to stay ready. Cram can help here, with Erebor Hammersmith being able to recycle it, if required. Nevertheless, Ori and Thalin benefit from the Will power bonus before combat and will quest for a passable 5 during the first two rounds, whereby Thalin throws the equavalent of caltrops in the staging area for those enemies silly enough to walk through them.

Playing dwarves means a lot of allies. In this respect, 27 is a bit on the low side I guess, since Gandalf is represented 3 times here as well and I have a whopping 6 unique dwarves which means I can effectively have 18 dwarves allies in play plus Gandalf. I just really don't like those expensive leadership dwarves other than Gimli. Gloin is great, but he's in On The Doorstep which isn't available for now. I'm a huge fan of Dori though. He might be unique, but he's a real life saver for my heroes and that's why I don't feel three is too much. It's nice to be able to drop another Dori after the first has perished saving the life of Dain.

Bofur, Ori, Daeron's Runes, Legacy of Durin and A Very Good Tale should be suffice for card drawing, but the lack of resources might cause issues there... 3 copies of Tighten Our Belts will provide a boost if planned well, but that's about it...

With Erebor Battle Masters on the table, your attack should be great, leaving the questing to others with the help of Dain's buff.

Azain Silverbeard is a card I really like but doesn't really have a specific task in this deck. He's here to join the fun i guess.

Stack Dain up with Cram, Narvi's belt and two Ring Mails. The axes can go on whoever you feel will attack for you.

I've put some great cards in the sideboard which I think might be handy and either just barely missed the final cut, or required another expension which will put too much of a burden on my financial means :)

I'm sure there's a lot of tweeking possible and I'm really interested in your views/advice, especially if you made it this far reading the above ^_^. I hope it this deck might inspire you, or that your ideas may finalise this deck so I can buy the required expensions so that my friend can play it in our sessions.