The Fellowship of the Ring #RCO

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Aavdov 62

My Hobbit deck for The Fellowship of the Rings beginning quest. I felt like Spirit Merry would be more accurate thematically, and with all the hide test and lowering threat, Merry is good to have ready for either, plus put a pony on him, and he can do whatever he wants. The rest of the Hobbits I think will do really well once they get their gear. I will probably put steward on Merry or Pippin since they have the most cards in the deck to buy. Pile everything on Sam as quickly as possible to make Him buff. We'll ll see how it plays!


Jan 23, 2024 Jesters_Race 79

I'm looking at starting a run through of the saga soon was interested to find out how this deck performed as I'm deciding on which Merry to use, tactics or spirit.

Jan 23, 2024 Aavdov 62

I think for the first quest, this deck did really well. It did pretty much everything I wanted it to do in my description. I think for the next quest, a knife in the dark, tactics merry will serve better, so I need to get a list made for that build.