wanderer #1: Na'asiyah

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When two Wanderers Meet.
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jkgjunior 11

Na'asiyah is the warrior of the duo, but should be played like a bank. She works by gaining income from cards like The Grey Wanderer, Resourceful, and Steward of Gondor. She should spend most of her resources when she attacks and defends. To play her well, you should:

-Mulligan for Resourceful. This will boost her income.

-Mulligan for Tireless Thoroughbred if you can. With this, she can attack and defend for Sam.

-Renewed Friendship is good when Sam plays Steward of Gondor on her

-Unexpected courage is vital when there are more than one enemies engaged with you and Sam

-All the songs should go on Sam. This will boost his questing power.

I hope you have fun with this fellowship.


Oct 27, 2023 doomguard 2066

recomand some weapons and Foe-hammer. "classical" Firefoot always an option or her. shadowcancelling could be an issue

Oct 27, 2023 jkgjunior 11

I was thinking of adding weapons, but the problem I encountered was I already had two Restricted attachments that I planned on putting on Na'asiyah (Tireless Thoroughbred, and Armored Destrier). Also, I wanted to put as many songs in her deck as possible, to help with Sam. Firefoot is a good idea though. I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Oct 27, 2023 doomguard 2066

yea that she get Armored Destrier i saw later looking at the sam-deck.

there is a Golden Belt out there, but i agree, if using it then perhaps Firefoot is a better choice or another destrier and if riding 2 horses at once why not a 3.rd ^^ )

to spare some money the signs will help and are not restricted ( DĂșnedain Mark and DĂșnedain Warning) but perhaps better in the sam-deck.