wanderer #2: Sam Gamgee.

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When two Wanderers Meet.
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jkgjunior 1

Sam Gamgee is the quester of this Duo. The more attachments you put on him, the better. The idea is to put a Fireside Song on Sam, then put as many Song attachments on as possible. Every song you put on him boosts his willpower by 1, and when you get enough of them on, you will be passing Quest stages rapidly. To play him well, you should:

-Mulligan for Fireside Song

-All the songs go on Sam

-Mulligan for Steward of Gondor (Not for Sam, For Na'asiyah. This will boost her attack and defense powers.)

-Put as many unexpected Courages on Na'asiyah as you can)

-If you find yourself struggling to keep ahead of the locations, Mabe put some card draw in the deck. This may help you get to your songs sooner.

These decks are meant to make the heroes overpowered. Have fun.


Oct 27, 2023 doomguard 1757

going this massive on songs i usual use Song of EƤrendil is a song + a card or 1 res. you have Song of Travel first, but should not be a problem in your fellowship, as grey wanderer u could even start with Song of Travel

another option to boost, would be start with a Song of Wisdom and inlude and mullian or Love of Tales or combine it with your other deck, take Song of Wisdom as attahment with this deck and get Love of Tales as startingattachment from the other deck.

Oct 27, 2023 jkgjunior 1

Thank you. That's a great idea. Haven't thought of that.