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One Fellowship
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siroma 7

This deck is part of a 4 deck series that I plan on taking through all scenarios on the highest difficulty without changing any cards in the main deck/heroes between scenarios.

Deckbuilding Restrictions - All decks must have a different contract, and no cards can be changed between scenarios.

Because no cards are being changed - lots of heroes that are objectives in certain scenarios, and all the ringbearers and The One Ring cannot be included. Non-hero cards of objectives can be included, but obviously cannot be played in their respective scenarios.

Links to the other decks I will be using are as below:

Three Hunters Turbo Boromir - BoF Support - Fellowship Vilya - Burglar Outlands -

This deck is designed to smooth out the early encounter deck while providing supporting pieces to the other decks. Fatty Bolger and Eowyn help deal with a flood of early enemies, and Eleanor offers consistent cancels during setup and after. The deck does a little of everything, with a heavier emphasis on location control, but often ends up spending most of its resources on making sure the other decks can do what they need to do.

The deck is designed to fulfill several niches:

Encounter Control - Eowyn can destroy 2-3 enemies by herself on round 1 with help from readying cards like Unexpected Courage and Magic Ring. Fatty Bolger removes problematic enemies on Setup or on early rounds, and Eleanor provides turn 0 treachery interaction. Denethor is a serviceable defender.

Resource/Cards - Errand Riders, Denethor, and Steward of Gondor allows resources to be moved to other players. (Hirluin and Boromir).

Card Draw - Long Defeat & Campfire Tales, helps brings additional cards to the table

Location Control - Northern Tracker, Thror's Key, Meneldor, Asfaloth help deal with locations that other decks may have difficulty with.

Threat Control - Secret Vigil, Double Back

Supplementary Attachments - Heir of Mardil, The Day's Rising goes on Boromir. Strider generally goes on Cirdan. Magic Ring generally goes on Eowyn for early turns to enable multi-kills, or Hirluin for additional resources. Protector of Lorien can go on Boromir for early extra defense, or Cirdan/Elrond as a card sink.

Combat - Deck has a good number of bodies with solid defensive stats, and cheap allies to chump, but will struggle to kill high defense enemies without support. Bree-land Protector acts as back-up shadows cancels.

Other Notes - Beravor can be an alternative to Fatty Bolger, and Theodred to Denethor. Denethor's faster t1 start and 3 defense are more valuable, especially since he can pass extra resources to Eleanor and Boromir immediately. Beravor provides extra cards if you don't want to use ALeP, and access to the Dunedain and Ranger traits which opens up new titles and synergy cards.