Three Hunters - Turbo Boromir (One Fellowship)

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siroma 7

This deck is part of a 4 deck series that I plan on taking through all scenarios on the highest difficulty without changing any cards in the main deck/heroes between scenarios.

Deckbuilding Restrictions - All decks must have a different contract, and no cards can be changed between scenarios.

Because no cards are being changed - lots of heroes that are objectives in certain scenarios, and all the ringbearers and The One Ring cannot be included. Non-hero cards of objectives can be included, but obviously cannot be played in their respective scenarios.

Links to the other decks I will be using are as below:

Three Hunters Turbo Boromir - BoF Support - Fellowship Vilya - Burglar Outlands -

This deck is designed to have Cirdan provide supplementary early-game questing and pull additional weight in scenarios where allies have difficulty entering the game, while being a mid-game defender and late-game combat monster using Boromir + Tireless Thoroughbred, Gondorian Fire, and Blood of Numenor. Boromir is uniquely suited to this role as a Gondorian Noble that can ready multiple times independently, allowing Denethor to provide extra money and A Captain's Wisdom to generate more money, even without utilizing Steward of Gondor. The other leadership decks run Errand Rider to help fuel his crippling drug addiction.

The deck is designed to fulfill several niches:

Combat - Boromir with Gondorian Fire, Blood of Numenor, Tireless Thoroughbred, and Hour of Wrath defends and wipes the board in one go. Prior to being setup, Boromir still makes a fantastic wall when given a couple of shields, defending against enemies for the whole table.

Questing - Cirdan is intended to be loaded up with Silver Circlet, Windfola, and Steed(s) of Imladris. Spare resources saved go towards A Test of Will or drawing some extra cards with Elven Light. Steeds burns all the duplicate cards in the deck for some extra progress. Cirdan is a great early quester.

Shadows Cancel - Balin provides on-demand blanket shadows cancellation for the whole table, and as the deck spends 3-5 leadership resources at most, often ends up with floating resources on Balin.

Alternative Cards Gimli/Legolas - Allows access to the powerful card of Unlikely Friendship and better action economy as well as an alternate resource outlet on Gimli, and discard outlet on Legolas. I went with Cirdan due to his much higher base willpower and need of extra early questing, and helps dig through cards faster unlike Legolas. The deck actually consumes a fair amount of the blue resources it generates, making elven light a less consistent draw engine than I would have liked.

Other Notes - Unlike most other Three Hunters decks, the goal of this deck is NOT to flip the three hunters as quickly as possible. Though the willpower bonus is nice after you flip it, if you aren't actively making use of the attachments you are running a bunch of "bad" cards for marginal benefit. Instead, the contract is used as a resource acceleration engine (and because I needed a contract) to help the deck set up faster, and because I wanted to have a deck that relied on no allies for the purposes of scenarios like Escape from Dol Guldur, where you are restricted in terms of number of allies in play. An alternative build with The Riddle Game or no contract at all might be better, but this deck generally did its job.