Fellowship Vilya (One Fellowship)

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One Fellowship
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siroma 7

This deck is part of a 4 deck series that I plan on taking through all scenarios on the highest difficulty without changing any cards in the main deck/heroes between scenarios.

Deckbuilding Restrictions - All decks must have a different contract, and no cards can be changed between scenarios.

Because no cards are being changed - lots of heroes that are objectives in certain scenarios, and all the ringbearers and The One Ring cannot be included. Non-hero cards of objectives can be included, but obviously cannot be played in their respective scenarios.

Links to the other decks I will be using are as below:

Three Hunters Turbo Boromir - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/528437 BoF Support - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/527497 Fellowship Vilya - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/528348 Burglar Outlands - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/527407

This deck is designed to be a early-game quester while providing strong draw power to reach A Test of Wills while having flexible options for being self-sufficient against most enemies. Vilya leads to fast starts, and the deck has exceptional draw power.

The deck is designed to fulfill several niches:

Questing - Elrond, Gandalf, Widfast/Gavin can start off questing for 8-9, which is respectable. All of the cheap allies quest for 2, so the deck often taps out for questing early on.

Location Control - Widfast is crucial towards scenarios where the goal is to explore as many locations as possible, while keeping nasty effects out of the staging area. Elrond provides a target for Box of Earth and Asfaloth.

Combat - Gandalf and Elrond both have thick bodies to defend in a pinch, and there are a number of allies that can provide ranged and sentinel support. Narya also presents a late game option, but Gandalf is stuck questing most of the time early on. Arwen particularly is nice to provide a valuable +1 defense and additional way to share sentinel.

Draw - Expert Treasure Hunter and Wizard's pipe allows you to consistently see a large portion of your deck with Gandalf. Treasure Hunter can also go on Cirdan to help the Hunters deck find pieces more quickly as well.

Supplementary Attachments - Unexpected Courages often go on Boromir, but are also good on Gandalf, Elrond, and Hirluin.

Threat Control - 2x Elrond's Counsel brings the effective starting threat closer in line to the other decks, before the Double Backs/Keen as lances are factored in.

Resource Generation - Gavin and Hidden Cache/Wizard Pipe provide ways to independently gain additional resources to pay for events and Widfast's ability

Other Notes - Would the deck be better without a contract? Probably. Fellowship usually doesn't hit in until turn 4-5 (3 is possible but unlikely), at which point the Outlands deck usually takes over as the main quester. Fellowship also prevents you from playing additional allies afterwards, which can be quite limiting. There are also plenty of powerful non-unique allies, such as additional copies of Northern Tracker that would certainly be helpful. MoTK for Bilbo/Arwen can also be strong alternatives.