Burglar Outlands (One Fellowship)

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One Fellowship
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siroma 7

This deck is part of a 4 deck series that I plan on taking through all scenarios on the highest difficulty without changing any cards in the main deck/heroes between scenarios.

Deckbuilding Restrictions - All decks must have a different contract, and no cards can be changed between scenarios.

Because no cards are being changed - lots of heroes that are objectives in certain scenarios, and all the ringbearers and The One Ring cannot be included. Non-hero cards of objectives can be included, but obviously cannot be played in their respective scenarios.

Links to the other decks I will be using are as below:

Three Hunters Turbo Boromir - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/528437 BoF Support - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/527497 Fellowship Vilya - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/528348 Burglar Outlands - https://ringsdb.com/deck/view/527407

This deck is designed to be the late game carry, capable of questing, defending, and killing anything once the game reaches turn 3-4. It's intended to start out quickly with card/resource acceleration, and use Erestor to burn through its deck ASAP.

The deck is designed to fulfill several niches:

Resource Acceleration - Legacy of Numenor, Man the Walls, and Deep Knowledge get the entire table to a fast (doomed) start, which in most scenarios is extremely valuable. Errant riders provide an outlet for extra resources onto the likes of Boromir or other heroes, and Heed the Dream can be used for other decks as well.

Questing - While the base heroes quest for just 3, Outlands is notorious for scaling extremely quickly. While the deck is reliant on pulling Ethir Swordsmen for questing power and Anfalas Herdsmen to keep the board alive, the deck can easily be questing for massive values early on, while Galadriel helps keep the tempo up to deal with early enemies.

Combat - Knights of the Swan turns the board into a blender, and Galadriel ensures a couple of allies are ready at any time to help block or deal damage

Restricted Attachments - Another one of the reasons the Three Hunters deck is light on attachments is that you can grab extra from The Burglar's Turn to toss onto Cirdan or Balin.

Other Support - Galadriel provides incidental threat control and draw

Other Notes - While The Burglar's Turn was selected as the Contract, MotK for Faramir is also an option that allows you to main-deck Steward of Gondor instead of relying on others. For me, Burglar's turn introduced some additional variance and fun, while synergizing with the Three Hunters. Boromir equipped with Glamdring and Orcrist defending and soloing 10+ enemies during your hour of need is fun, while Arkenstone provides a significant questing boost to the Vilya Fellowship deck.