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Parrawan 58

And certainly it was from Bree that the art of smoking the genuine weed spread in the recent centuries among Dwarves and such other folk, Rangers, Wizards, or wanderers, as still passed to and fro through that ancient road-meeting. The home and centre of the an is thus to be found in the old inn of Bree, The Prancing Pony, that has been kept by the family of Butterbur from time beyond record.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - J.R.R. Tolkien

This deck features almost every hobbit-themed card (at least, during a hobbitt's peaceful time)

It is quite sneaky and if you play your cards well you will have quite a lot of drawing. Try to get all hobbit pipes as soon as possible, for they are the main key to keep the threat sinking and the cards flowing. If needed, send Bilbo to a suicide combat if you have another copy of him in your hand. Once you have all the pipes, every threat reduction event will be a motive of joy.

When Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee met Gildor Inglorion's group and spoke (or tried to speak) the ancient tongue of the Elves, they acknowledged a true Elf-friend. Play that card on Frodo Baggins so you can gain access to the benefits of Elrond's Counsel (unless you have enough resources to play Gildor Inglorion himself).

Friend of Friends should go as you feel, but as Frodo Baggins is going to defend most of the attacks, one copy should go on him to get the extra 1 and 1 .

The Fast Hitch should go on Frodo Baggins and on Merry, so he can quest an benefit of his response (the Hobbit Pony goes perfect on Merry if you still don't have access to Henamarth Riversong).

I included only one copy of some cards because I only wanted them to be present in the deck, and because they are useless until you have some allies on the table (like Elevenses).

Have fun doing hobbit stuff!

Please, any suggestions to improve this deck are welcomed, but keeping in mind that I enjoy doing thematic decks!