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sappidus 497

A rough cut for a deck using Seastan's idea of Anborn+Sword-thain+Wingfoot to deal direct damage to enemies added during staging, on top of Thalin's native ability.

Seastan's Dead on Arrival deck is much more focused than mine, which has a number of Good Stuff Lore allies. In lieu of using resource acceleration events, I went with the native abilities of Bifur and Théodred to build up Lore resources. (Hobbits are probably better here, but one of my playpartners uses them.)

Once Anborn ascends to hero status, there's an excess of Leadership resources in a deck that hardly uses them, and honestly there's not a huge amount of demand for the Tactics ones either, so there's definitely room for improvement in the decklist. Still, paired with a solid early-game questing deck, this helped take down The Watcher in the Water in a vastly entertaining fashion. Definitely a fun archetype to play with.

Full credit to JanB for bringing Thalin back into the modern conversation. I have named my deck in homage to his thread (as well as a horrid Android: Netrunner naming convention): https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/205942-idea-armor-piercing/