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Shep 254

This is a very simple Erkenbrand deck. The idea is Erkenbrand using Erkenbrand as much as possible. In order to do that, he needs more heal points and the best card for that is Ent Draught. I need an Ent to play it, so the presence of Treebeard.

Both heroes need heal, so a lot of healing cards are included in the deck.

Armored Destrier allows Erkenbrand to defend several times and Cram is used for hard knocks on the two heroes depending on the context.

Magic Ring may be played on both heroes, depending on the context as it can heal or ready a hero.

Dúnedain Warning makes Erkenbrand a bit stronger in defense.

Even if the deck is quite cheap, The Day's Rising and Steward of Gondor may make the things easier, but are note essential.

The ally set is a classical list in my decks playing as major sphere.

The set of heroes is completed by Folco Boffin who can handle the threat if it raises too quickly.

Little fun deck for big fun on average-difficulty scenarios!


May 12, 2018 Windrunner4 5

Really fun deck. Just beat nightmare Amon Din, single handed with this deck. Treebeard was turning orcs into paste left, right, and center. And Erk was a brick wall with all the healing. Gteat stuff!

May 12, 2018 Windrunner4 5

Btw I switched out we are not idle for common cause and it was actually valuable. Exhausting Folco to get more actions out of treebeard or erk as needed was great.