I've Battled Everything

Questlogs using this decklist
Passage Through Mirkwood - 2 Players - 2021-12-23
Journey Along the Anduin - 2 Players - 2021-12-23
Journey Along the Anduin - 2 Players - 2021-12-23
Escape from Dol Guldur - 2 Players - 2021-12-24
Conflict at the Carrock - 2 Players - 2022-05-01
The Hunt for Gollum - 2 Players - 2022-04-30
Fellowships using this decklist
Geocaching for Signals
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SheepDog903 106

Leadership/Tactics built to play along with I've been everywhere. Issues Legolas to place progress on the active location with the help of Blade of Gondolin and Arod. Mostly sentinel allies help defend for other deck, as Idrean and Glofindel should be ready to attack. Halbrand can contribute to the quest if engaged with an enemy (hopefully a weak enemy that you can defend round after round and not worry about damage or shadow effects with Erkenbrand). Mostly attachments to help boast up heros' stats.

Ranger Provisions can provide an additional reward for exploring locations, and with effects from I've been everywhere, Path of Need can be put into play and stay in play for a few rounds by transferring progress tokens to other locations.


Jun 05, 2018 SoonTsoo 1

Hello mate, I really like your deck and its philosophy. What quests have you successfuly passed so far ? Haven't you considered getting Spear of the Citadel/Gondorian Shield for Erkenbrand?


Jun 05, 2018 SheepDog903 106

Hey! Thanks for taking interest in the deck!

So far I have used it 2 Handed (along with I've Been Everywhere) to complete the 3 core set quests, as well as the Hunt for Gollum and Conflict at the Carrock. Took me 4 or 5 times to beat Journey Along the Anduin, but its been doing pretty good so far. Spear of the Citadel and Gondorian Shield would be good options too, since in the mid-end of the game Legolas seems to have a surplus of resources. You could also include Steward of Gonder to give Erkenbrand the Gondor Trait to get the full benefit of the shield. I just tried to stick with the synergy of the Signals to buff up his defense, but I may have to try that!