Geocaching for Signals


2 handed fellowship focusing on removing locations from the staging area, utilizing multiple actions from heros, and buffing hero stats with signal cards.

Hero selection:

Idraen: Readies after locations are travelled. Glorfindel: Spirit match with Idraen, low threat, compatibility with Asfaloth. Beravor: card draw, balanced , , and for actions when not drawing cards.

Legolas: Ability to place progress tokens on locations, ranged.
Halbarad: can quest without exhausting when engaged, balanced stats.
Erkenbrand: sentinel, cancel shadow effects.

For I've been everywhere;

Cards to mulligan for: Light of Valinor, Asfaloth.

Allies provide and progess token support for locations, attachments also provide progress tokens (Warden of Arnor, Asfaloth) and general questing supports (Weather-stained Cloak). Events provide progress tokens (The Evening Star), threat and support (Elrond's Counsel), and readying affects so Beravor can ready and draw if needed (Tale of Tinúviel)

For I've battled everything:

Cards to mulligan for: Armored Destrier, Rune-master, Dúnedain Warning.

Allies provide multi turn (Defender of Rammas, Warden of Helm's Deep), card drawing/ searching for attchments (Weather Hills Watchman, Galadriel), chump blocking and progress tokens (Snowbourn Scout). Attachments provide , , and boost (Dúnedain Mark, Dúnedain Warning, Dúnedain Quest, etc...), resource acceleration ( Rune-master, The Day's Rising), progress tokens (Arod), healing (Dúnedain Remedy), and refreshing (Armored Destrier). Hands Upon the Bow is to give Legolas a chance to take enemies out of the staging areas and make more progress.

Other cards are used to gain benefit after locations are explored (Ancient Mathom, Ranger Provisions).

Basis of Fellowship is to clear locations as fast as possible, gain benefits from exploring locations, buffing the hero's stats with signals, and using heros for multiple actions when possible. May make some changes that may prove to work better in the near furture.


Dec 26, 2021 doomguard 1127

i can imagine, the legolasdeck is better as a Forth, The Three Hunters! -deck (then you have to replace the allies with restricted attachements ofc ;) ) then the destrider and weapons are cheaper. there are no important allies in that deck.

the other, consider Explorer's Almanac

Dec 26, 2021 SheepDog903 92

Those would be other good cards to add/consider. Thanks!