Silvan Antics! [Gencon]

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Pavic 36

I present my next Gencon deck for review. I admit that I am overly fond of Silvan elves and I frequently solo with them. I did intend to include two copies of Marksman of Lórien, but because I am using the full play set in my range focused deck, I had to opt for two Mirkwood Runner. Comments and critiques appreciated!


Jul 07, 2018 ErstwhileNortherner 1

Grave Cairn is a good card in decks where characters leave play due whatever reason like Feigned Voices r The Tree People. Sure, its often just +2 attack (except with the aforementioned Marksman of Lórien, but it is +2 outside tactics, which is actually pretty good. Especially for those vengeful mirkwood runners who strike past shields. Nice deck.