Grave Cairn

Event. Cost: 1.

Response: After a character leaves play, add its to another character's until the end of the round.

"We have not the time or the tools to bury our comrade fitly, or to raise a mound up over him. A cairn we might build."
Legolas, The Two Towers
Trudi Castle

The Watcher in the Water #54. Leadership.

Grave Cairn

Grave Cairn is very thematic, but suffers from the problem that if a character is leaving play, it probably has low attack. The only in-sphere options that are possibly worth it are the Dwarven Sellsword and the Greenwood Archer. Of course Grave Cairn fits well into a gimmicky deck that tries to sneak attack Gandalf a lot or make frequent use of Reinforcements.

I think that this is a very powerful card against tough enemies like trolls and dragons, if Gandalf, Gandalf, Saruman, Giant Bear, or Beorn for example are leaving play, something which they tend to do quite a lot.

It works particularly well with sneak attack, as that ally will leave play in the middle of the round — Clade 1