councilled to wise. twins

doomguard 459


inspired by the idea mentioned by @kattattack22 here my twins (lightly modified twins ;) )


. thurindir takes gather information. it will mostly be explored 1. round (minimum of 12 willpower + 0-2 discard from eowyn + possible galdadriel+ nenya + possible ally) so save staff and a valuable card (courage for beregond?)

  • solid defense from the start with threadreduction for both (depending where he defends) and shadowcancelling if needed
  • some events that can be played without using action/reaction (hidden cache, well equipped, hope rekindled, good harvest,... just for the contract
  • arwendeck can play the northern tracker in 1 round if needed (2+arwen+contract = 4 res)
  • many important cards in both decks: staff, ring, wingfoot, courage, miruvor, test of will, leatherboots (saruman i his old days strides through the wilderness ^^), ....

have fun


Dec 17, 2020 doomguard 459

with save sidequest, add Halfling Bounder in each deck.

Dec 17, 2020 kattattack22 391

I'm glad to see others trying out the twin Council of the Wise idea :).

I'm surprised you wouldn't go with Expert Trackers, Tale of TinĂºviel, Well Warned, Far-sighted or Rumour from the Earth installed of well-equipped and Hope Rekindled. You get at least something besides the contract response for playing them. Although well-equipped does some deck thinning.

Dec 17, 2020 doomguard 459

  • scout and noble is not in the same group,
  • expert trackers needs exhausting. thurindirs action is needed elsewhere, and its no play everytimecard
  • tale can only be used on thurindir and a ready galadriel or arwen when he attacks is not very commen
  • far sighted should be in the sarumandeck
  • rumour should be in both

Dec 17, 2020 doomguard 459

i see now, this is a deck of political correctness:

  • 3 male heroes, 3 female
  • 3 noble, 3 commen
  • 5 "races" in 6 heroes (count istari as race ;) if you count isengard as "race" u have 6 )