Progression 20.1: Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood


It's time for part 20.1 of the Progression Series, Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood! Last time, I saved the people of Anorien in Encounter at Amon Din. For more information on that see here: (

This time, I will be attempting to beat Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood. To see the full rules for my progression series see the first fellowship here:

There will be no extra challenges for the Nightmare scenarios.

Also, starting with Progression Fellowship 21, and continuing with each consecutive whole number fellowship, I will have to choose one non-hero card that has appeared in at least five of my fellowships and BAN it from all further use for the series!

Please feel free to leave any comment or challenge suggestion for the next quest, as I use the card pool I have accrued up to this point to continue to take on the first three Nightmare Decks!


Nov 10, 2021 Sunwukong91 10

Huh i was told that all cards in your deck had to match the sphere of your heroes. Was i misinformed, or did i miss a rule change?

Nov 11, 2021 GreenWizard 235

Nope! Your deck can include cards of any sphere. However, you wouldn't be able to buy or play those cards without a sphere match. In deck A's case, Hirluin the Fair lets the deck play all of the outlands guys as well as Narvi's Belt granting one of the dwarves access to buy cards of any sphere.

For deck B, Oin's ability will let him play the tactics cards.

Hope this helps!