silent and beregond

doomguard 1251


this fellowship is an allrounder.

nice little synergies and playing advice:

  • pippin reduce engagement, that helps to remain ranged and helps also sam
  • beregond can be build from the start (armor is free and arwen can play a courage from the start)
  • if no courage availaible, many other refreshing options for beregond (cram, miruvor, lembas, behind strong walls, magic ring)
  • thorongil should go to legolas, with 2 Blade of Gondolin and merry a courage or other refreshing, he can make up to 8 progress a round, while shooting enemys with default of 7 Strength and Courage (it is sometimes very handy to get rid of the active location in the combatphase)
  • good start of willpower (at least 10 7 from the hobbits and 3 from arwen, beregond ready to def, legolad redy to shoot
  • good carddraw overall through motk legolas, elvenlight + arwen, gandalfs(sneack), pippin, Master of the Forge, GlĂ©owine
  • if piling up to much res with beregond or sam, use it for a normal payed gandalf or keen as lances
  • if there is no shield in the opening hand remember Open the Armory
  • the Drinking Song should help to get legolas thorongil and blades soon
  • your thread is relatevely low, and you have elronds council, so don't be hasty
  • the allies at legolas deck are mostly for chumping if needed or to boost ranged
  • the allies at arven are mostly for questing (with ethir out the knights can also quest)

startinghand advice:

  • search for shield and elvenlight at beregond
  • search for Love of Tales for pippin. it is no desaster if you do not get it, but it would be nice to get a ressource for every Drinking Song or Song of Healing

Nov 23, 2021 doomguard 1251

i forget A Test of Will add 3 to arwens deck