Fellowship for The LotR-Campaign

Taurelin 353


After playing through all the regular cycles with my Firyal-deck, the next project is the LotR-campaign. As shown in its description, it tends to struggle against combat-heavy scenarios, so it needs a strong partner-deck, which ideally can provide some willpower and extra-support on its own.

I opted for a modified version of an older deck including a strong quester, a sentinel-defender, and a brutal ranged-attacker. -Beregond grants access to Unexpected Courage and A Test of Will, too (important vs. the Peril-keyword).

Also, the partner-deck provides some additional side quests, which synergize with several cards in the main-deck, so we can stall in the early game in any scenario that allows this chance.



Jul 12, 2022 doomguard 1245

enjoy your holiday 8)

Jul 12, 2022 Taurelin 353

I am, thanks! <3