Glóin Hangs Still


Make a buncha money. Skip a buncha quests.

This fellowship pretty handily beat "The Battle of Carn Dûm" and "The Dread Realm".

See individual deck descriptions for how they are intended to be played.


Oct 31, 2023 Birdman137 118

No Master of Lore for the Heal Gloin deck?

Oct 31, 2023 Birdman137 118

Whoops, that was suppose to be Lore of Imladris.

Oct 31, 2023 apparentlyalvin 75

We didn't find it necessary. The consistent healing of Wardens and Self Preservations (boosted by Elrond) were vacuuming up enough damage that the Glóin player had our entire stock of resource tokens halfway through the game, and the Wardens were also healing the entire rest of the board through treacheries and combat.

If someone wanted to run this fellowship, though, they could easily find room for some emergency Lores of Imladris. The deck has enough card draw that you could probably just go up to 53 cards, but personally I'd replace 2 Firyals with an equal number of Lores (because she's expensive and not a key combo piece, and the deck has a bunch of other places to dump resources).

Oct 31, 2023 apparentlyalvin 75

Although if do you leave all 3 Firyals in, then the green deck can play her turn 1 if Ms. Undómiel gives her old man a resource and any other hero pays Bifur.

I mean, you can do that with only a single Firyal in the deck; 3 copies just makes it more consistent.

You should ideally use those resources to play a Warden and a Self Preservation, but that's way less hilarious.